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How it works

Snap a photo of your plant.

Upload it to Instagram. Spice it up with a filter (optional). A sexy photo drags attention to your ad. The photo should be on a clean surface and lit up by daylight. If the light isn't good enough you can easliy adjust the exposure with Instagram's adjustment tools.

Send it to us.

When you are satisfied with your photo, tap next and go to the top bar where you change 'new post' to 'direct message'. Head to the caption field and add your location, information about your object and specify if you want to trade, sell or give it away. You’ll find us by the name 'Sproutify'.
Add us as a reciever and tap send!

Almost there...

Our team will add your photo to Sproutify's instagram where the marketplace is currently taking place.
Great success! Any speculator is now free to contact you and grab that plant of yours.
NOTE. Contact us when the exchange is done and we will put the ad on sold.

The Sproutify team