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Terms & Conditions

Sproutify is a growing movement for those who love flowers and plants;
that wants to share, trade, learn and inspire each other about plants and what it's all about.

As a member of the network you accept Sproutifys purpose and rules:

To connect people that share the same interest with plants.
Creating a simple way to share knowledge and inspire each other.
Engage people of a larger, inclusive community for us with green fingers, regardless of age, gender, background, perspective.

Terms and Conditions:
Sproutify acts as an intermediary and platform from which you can discuss, exchange, sell or buy plants.
Sproutify is not involved in any exchange or buying process and thereby resign the responsibility for this thence it occurs outside Sproutify's controlled area (Website, Facebook and Instagram). We ask you to contact us either by mail or DirectMessage when the deal is completed so that we can remove your ad. Ads will stay up to a maximum of 2 months, then the Sproutify team will remove the ad. We want Sproutify to be free from discrimination and harassment. If the forum, website or instagram is misused by any user, follow shutdown or blocking occurs immediately.

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